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A little about Janice Carson

Janice Carson’s dogs are world renowned. Janice has been breeding and showing xolos for over twenty five years and all her dogs are loved from the start. Contact Janice to meet some of the great puppies that she has been raising!


Two decades ago when my first litter of xolos was born I was very excited to see a little blonde coated puppy in the litter. Some months later the club I had registered my dogs with, The Xoloitzcuintli Club Of America voted to keep the coated dogs as part of the breed and not cull the puppies that were just as much part of the breed as the hairless.

The country of origin did not agree with this point of view. But, we knew of the importance and stood our ground. Many times it was not easy to stand but we truly loved the breed and two decades later the country of origin has finally offered scientific proof that the coated puppies are beneficial to the breed. The truth prevailed!

A Xolo Testimony

Hey Jan,

I’m not sure that you’ll remember me or this little story, but I thought

I’d relate it to you anyways.  It is almost beyond belief!

My dog Teppin (who I named after the Aztec Nahuatl, meaning “little one”)

got lost in Nashville about two years ago.  You called me afterwards,

presumably because he had been scanned at a veterinary office and your name

came up on the tag.

The story you never heard is as follows, with no embellishment whatsoever:

I was, at the time, living in Bloomington, IN and dating a girl in

Nashville, TN.  I was a college student at the time and decided to drive to

my hometown, Houston, to visit my family.  On the way I stopped for two

nights in Nashville to visit my girlfriend and meet her father.  She was,

at the time, living in a college dormitory and as such was not allowed to

keep pets.  That being the case, I convinced a friend of hers to babysit

Teppin for the night.

The following morning her friends stepped out to fetch the mail, and Tep

took the opportunity to escape his unknown keepers…It was 35 degrees out

and raining all day long.  I ran around the neighborhood giving out my cell

phone number for hours, hoping that someone had seen him.

My highest hopes came when a man I had spoken with called me to tell me he

had locked Tep in his backyard (6ft chain fence).  I was there within 10

minutes, but Tep had already escaped his captors by climbing the fence.

I spent the rest of the day running around Nashville with my best friends

in the rain looking for my lost puppy to no avail.

The real impressive part of the story is as follows.  Tep had only been to

my significant other’s dormitory once…inside the car….for about 5

minutes.  And, this dorm was approximately 2 miles from the home he was

staying in.  I could not have found my way between the two without a GPS.

Without any knowledge of how he did it, Teppin showed up outside her

dormitory at about 9pm, freezing cold, and limping.  He was waiting for me

outside her dorm for about an hour before we got there, according to

neighbors.  We had given up the search for the day.

Upon seeing me drive up, Tep ran out into the rain to greet me and laid

down at my feet, only to be carried into the dorm to sleep for 24 hours


Long story short, my Xolo tracked me in Nashville over two miles in the

freezing cold rain.  He finally found me at a place he had only ever been

one time…inside the car.  These dogs are amazing.

Since then, Tep has both physically protected me from attackers and watched

over me when emotionally compromised.

I was thinking, if you ever have trouble conveying the loyalty that Xolos

possess, this story might be a good example!